Marc’s blog posts offer an opportunity to explore the world of Sexstation back in 2012. In a particularly insightful post from June, Marc provides a firsthand account of the channel’s focus on hardcore boy-girl scenes and girl-on-girl action. Marc’s blog offers a rare glimpse into the day-to-day operations of the live sex show, as well as the producer’s unique voice and perspective.

Chantelle Fox

Take a close look at these images, which are taken from our production, “Babestation Casting Manager.” During the casting process, aspiring models, like Chantelle Fox, are evaluated based on their suitability for the show. When Chantelle entered the room fully clothed, her desire to be naked was palpable. She has always been the type of person who is eager to get started. As she scanned the room, she likely wondered which one of us would be her partner for the audition. I regret not having the cameras rolling from the moment she walked in, as Chantelle exudes sex appeal from the moment she enters a room. The mystery surrounding the adult entertainment industry adds to its allure, so I won’t reveal any more about the casting process.

Chantelle Fox rides a dick in casting couch shoot

The boys quickly rose and eagerly competed to help the woman remove her coat. It was reminiscent of a horse race, with them leaping over furniture in their haste. However, it was clear from the start which one would emerge victorious. The last-place finisher typically lagged behind, so it was no surprise that he brought up the rear once again. I selected Monty for the task because he has a knack for looking dapper in a suit and bears a slight resemblance to a casting manager.

In no time, Chantelle became an active participant. We are yet to view these photos, but it’s possible that Monty is either privately enjoying them or has started a small-scale business in the broom cupboard, sharing exclusive and fresh content with colleagues like Freddy. They undoubtedly miss the excitement when they’re not participating. Until our next update!


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