Top British pornstar and ex Red Light Central, S66 and Babestation babe, Karina Currie gives you a filthy erotic fiction story, enjoy…

Charlotte had been on the computer for a good 16 hours and the words were swimming all over the page, finally saying her goodbyes to everybody in the chat-room, she disconnected from the net and turned off her P.C.  It wasn’t like she was addicted to the Internet, just a bit lonely.  At 31 she’d never had a boyfriend, never even been fucked; she’d had loads of cyber sex but that wasn’t the same, she wanted a good hard cock inside her.

Making herself a bedtime tea, she thought about that big cold bed and how she would love to fill it with people doing things you only see in x-rated movies. Just as she was walking up the hall the phone trilled into life, it would be Greg calling to say goodnight; Greg had been emailing her for ages after they had quite a steamy session on the web cam and as he lived in the states she didn’t mind giving him her number. They had been chatting to each other for about a year now and he always phoned about this time to wish her sweet dreams, picking up the phone Greg’s warm American accent came purring down the line ‘hello gorgeous, just thought I would call to say goodnight’

Karina Currie

Sitting down on the stairs she let his words run over her body as he recalled his day, not really taking in what he was actually saying; when all of a sudden she heard the words ‘ill be at yours in about an hour then if that’s alright with you?’

‘Err pardon’ she stammered not knowing if she had heard right or not.

‘You haven’t been listening to a word I’ve been saying have you he laughed ‘I’m in London and I’m coming to see you, I know what train to catch and I have a good road map so I will give you a call when I get to Southampton, is that ok with you sugar?’ he asked a now extremely excited Charlotte.

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A few minutes later she was pelting up the stairs and running a bath, Charlotte had calculated that if he was in London still and he was catching the last train down he wouldn’t get there until at least 2am, it was just after 12 now so that gave her an hour and a half for panic stations. Tipping a load of Dior, scented bath oil under the running taps she ran to the bedroom to find something suitable, she rummaged through her draws and found nothing but baggy old grey underwear that had seen better days; she would have to see if mum had anything better.

Going into her mum’s room she felt a bit weird, ever since she had died she left this roomkarina Currie well alone. Opening the top draw of the dresser she found a beautiful red corset and suspenders set with the skimpiest matching red g-string, she also found quite a few other skimpy sets but the red one was the best; looking in the other draws for some stockings she found some still in the packaging, ‘black as night 10 denier pure silk stockings with seam detail’ the sleeve read. ‘Wow’ she thought mum was a bit of a dark horse with all this stuff, she had always been a young, trendy mum but Charlotte had never recognised her as a sexual creature.

Jumping up she caught the bath just in time, the water was half way up the overflow and threatening to spill; she peeled off her oversized clothes and stepped into the hot perfumed water, soaping herself up she ran her hands over her slippery mounds and began to fantasise about Greg and his toned fit body. Opening her eyes she saw a massive mound of hair poking out of the water, she hadn’t done her bikini line in months and now it looked like you would need a machete to hack through it; grabbing her razor she sat on the edge of the bath and started to shave away the forest of hair. Charlotte must have started to daydream, when she realised what she was doing she had almost entirely shaved one half of her pussy bare, seeing no way to balance it out she decided to shave the lot off; looking down at her bald pink labia she started to slide her soapy fingers along the seam of her sex thinking how sexy it looked and felt, knowing she didn’t have long until Greg got there she rinsed the bubbles away and stopped herself, after all there would be loads of pleasure to come.

Emptying the bath Charlotte dried herself and rubbed lotion all over her body making sure she got every crevice, determined to be as soft as the silk stockings.

Back in the bedroom she picked up the lingerie and began to dress, she wasn’t a small girl but she wasn’t overly big either, she had good legs and an apple shape bum, her boobs, which were quite large made her waist look smaller then it was.

Not knowing whether the panties went over or under the suspenders she opted for under as it looked better, she slowly rolled the stockings up her newly shaven legs and attached them stroking the silk as went; now the corset she thought. It was a front fastening piece with built in breast support which when done up would push even the most miniscule of bust into a cleavage. She opened the wardrobe to take a look in the only full-length mirror in the house; what she saw pleased her but there was something missing, she grabbed the black spiked heels she’d worn once at mother’s funeral and put them on ‘there that’s better’ she thought to herself and pleased with the overall look went down to the kitchen to grab a drink.

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It was 2:15am when the phone started to ring, Greg was calling from a service station not to far away and wanted to know if she needed anything, ‘nope I’m ok here, are you in a cab?’ she asked, trying to work out how far away he was ‘yeah hold on and I’ll ask how much further away you are from here’ she could hear him asking the driver and from what she could make out by his reply he was 5 minutes down the road ‘ hello baby, you still there; we shall be with you as soon as, see you soon sugar’ and with that he hung up. Getting up to check herself for the thirtieth time in the mirror she gave her shoulder length brown hair one more brush through, she really was quite attractive with big innocent brown eyes, a button nose and full pink lips; she never wore make-up and wouldn’t even know how to apply it if she had some, her skin was as clear as porcelain so she didn’t need any, anyway.

Hearing a car pull up outside butterflies started to flutter in her stomach, grabbing her long silk dressing gown she started to panic, what if she was over dressed and expecting to much, what if he didn’t want to even touch her when he saw her for the first time in the flesh, all of these kinds of thoughts went crashing through her brain as she heard him closing the cab door and coming up the gravel path. The doorbell gave its usual big Ben chime and Charlotte hesitated not knowing whether to answer or not, finally after the bell struck 5 she opened the door. ‘Well hello sugar! I’m finally over here’ Greg, very loud and very American came bowling in sweeping her up in his arms on the way. ‘Wow that web cam certainly doesn’t do you any justice, your amazing’ he said putting her down and admiring the view; Greg on the other hand looked no different to her, tall and stocky but toned with the lightest blond hair and baby blue eyes, absolutely gorgeous.

Showing him through to the living room she went to get some drinks from the kitchen, ‘is beer ok!’ she shouted ‘As long as its cold I don’t care’ came the reply.  Taking their drinks in to the lounge she could see Greg was already making himself at home, with his loafers kicked off and his shirt collar undone Charlotte couldn’t help thinking how sexy he looked laid out on the couch.

Putting the bottles of bud on the table she sat on the edge of the sofa not knowing what to do next; she felt a quiver of excitement run down her body when he started to trace a finger up and down her back, cupping her neck in his hand he pulled her down on top of him and began to kiss her with all his strength, feeling the softness of her lips on his.

She responded immediately, tasting his mouth with her tongue; she could fell a wet patch growing in-between her legs and her pussy was almost itching where it needed some attention. Kissing her neck Greg opened her dressing gown and gave a loud wolf whistle ‘oh my god! You look fucking amazing stand up a sec so I can get a closer look’ charlotte stood up and let the silk gown slip to the floor, standing there in all her glory she actually felt like a real woman for the first time in her entire life, turning slowly so he could get a full view of front and back.

‘Would you like to go upstairs to the bedroom’ she purred holding an outstretched hand for him to take, leading him upstairs she could feel the wet gusset of her g-string rubbing on her honey-box only serving to make her even more slippery; from behind Greg got a good view of her perfect buttocks as they made their way up, he could see she was turned on by the slight shine on her inner thigh where some of her cunny juice had escaped, licking his lips he couldn’t wait to taste her.

Going into the bedroom and closing the door behind them Greg picked Charlotte up and threw her onto the bed ‘I’m going to fuck the ass off you girl so you best be ready for some Yankee beef’.  Shivering with excitement she could feel the heat coming off her own body, taking her shoe off Greg began to gently kiss her silk covered toes working his way up slowly towards her soft inner thigh to where her skin was exposed.

Karina Currie

Charlotte’s head was spinning; the sensations of his lips, soft and tentative with the lust-loaded nips from his teeth were too much to bear. Grabbing her by the hips Greg began to nuzzle at her lace-covered pussy, breathing in her sexiness; he could smell a mixture of perfume and her musk which drove him wild, pulling the sticky thin strip of lace to one side he slowly licked what juice had escaped clean from her crease.

Charlottes moans were quite audible by now, she had never experienced a tongue in her muff before and found it quite delicious, Greg seemed to know exactly where everything was, gently sucking at her engorged clit then pushing his tongue as far as it would go into her wet hole making her squirm even more.

She needed something inside her and ground down on Greg’s face as hard as she could, feeling this Greg slid a finger into her tight greasy channel and felt it grip him; pumping it rhythmically in an out of her until she could take another finger, he sucked on her bead and finger fucked her with two fat slick digits.

Charlotte could feel his fingers rubbing the walls of her vagina, sliding in and out of her now very open hole; his lips wrapped around her bud with his tongue gently flickering over it. All these sensations drove her over the edge, she felt herself orgasm like she had never done before with waves of pleasure crashing over her body, squirting her cum all over Greg’s face and fingers.

Not pulling away Greg continued to lick and suck at her super sensitive clitoris holding her tight so she couldn’t pull back; all she wanted to do was relax in post orgasmic bliss but he wouldn’t stop, her bud was on fire and she felt like her pussy would surly explode, suddenly she felt herself cumming again but this time it was like a thousand orgasm’s all at once; screaming the house down and not caring what the neighbours thought.

Greg stopped this time, probably more to do with the fact that he was drowning in her juice then a case of him wanting to; everything was fuzzy in Charlottes head, she felt like she could just curl up and go to sleep riding these little waves of pleasure that tickled her gently.

Slowly she began to open her eyes and there looking down on her was a shiny faced Greg with nothing but a smile and a good sized hard-on. Pulling him down to her she began to kiss him, tasting her own sweet juice on his lips as she probed his mouth with eagerness; she could feel the tip of his cock nudging at her soft folds trying to find its way into her slippery cleft. Spreading herself, Greg eased his solid prick into her honey-pot; the feel of her soft wet flesh gripping at his thick root was almost enough to make him shoot his load into her there and then, calming down a little and controlling his urge he pushed as much of his shaft into her as he could, grinding his Mon’s onto hers.

She could feel his balls tickling her arse as he stayed deep in her hole; all of a sudden he pulled back and began to thrust fast and hard fucking her with all his strength slapping his balls on her arse now.

Reaching down to rub her pearl as the hard meat slammed into her body she could feel another crisis beginning to build, her sex gripped tightly around Greg’s cock making it hard for him to control his own orgasm; it was all to much for Charlotte who was now rubbing her clit off almost, she felt herself peak and shudders racked her body as she climaxed.

Her tight pussy gripping and sucking at his prick sent Greg reeling with pleasure, grunting like a wild beast and shooting his hot white load into her heated passage, his cock twitching and pumping his seed deep into her pussy.

Looking at each other through sex-hazed eyes Greg kissed her gently on the lips; and there they fell asleep still together, still connected and entwined in each other’s arms.


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