Originally Posted: Thursday, December 30th, 2010

New YearWhen it comes to hot UK babes and free pictures you know that you’ve come to the right place with this blog. Well, we’ve done it all again for you, just like we did on the Christmas special. Here are a load of pictures to help you celebrate the new year with a bang; well not exactly a bang, probably more of a nudge off the wrist, but just as satisfying in many respects.

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New Years[Deni T and Karli Simon – Very Nice!]  So what do you plan for the New Year?  Any thoughts of giving up smoking or drinking?  Hope so, those things are real bad for you.  However, don’t give up porn will you?  It’s simply not an option, and a man has to have a least one vice doesn’t he?  I know that if i had to choose between smoking drinking and jerking off over fucking hot Free Sexstation pictures then i’d choose the last one on the list; at least that way i get to live a little longer and spend my extra time doing something that i enjoy greatly – wanking!

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This picture of Ree Petra and Tina Love from November of 2010 looks fantastic and i simply had to include it in my favourites of the year.  It has a certain Lilly Roma quality about it, don’t you agree?  It’s very similar to the type of gothic appearing pictures you see on her website.  You should check out Lilly Roma’s site too if you like this style.  Ree and Tina love working together and I’m pretty damn sure this won’t be the last time you get to see them in these positions; and let me tell you that when you see the whole picture set of these hot little bitches getting it on with each other, you’re going to imagine every girl you meet in exactly the same situation.

Yes, 2010 has been a very good year, but we have what it takes to make 2011 even better.  There’s loads more on the way guys, and now that we have a whole host of new hot girls ready and willing to get their bits and pieces out on the live webshow and Pervcam you’ll never be short of a good hard wank ever again!  I’m sure you’re all aware of just how effective the lovely Selena here is on the phone (and if you’re not then you really should try her out!)  Selena, the sexy Northern lass, will talk so filthy on the phone to you that you’ll want to cum in your shorts before you even get it out!  However, please be aware that this doesn’t impress her much :)

If you’re not the type of guy to go in for the whole live chat thing then you’d probably still like to see the lovely Selena get naked and play with her pussy wouldn’t you?  And perhaps you’d be interested in Keely too?  Well if you’re a member then you can get access to their filthy videos on site and watch them until you’re satisfied; or you can’t get anymore man juice out of the old chap!  There are so many videos that I couldn’t possibly go into a list of all the girls we’ve got featured on them to be honest, and I’d lose the will to live if I even made a start.  Let me just say that there are videos of virtually all our girls playing with themselves and each other, and that also includes girls who are no longer with us; this way you get more girls than you could possibly imagine!

New YearSo there is little more to say other than we’ll see you in the New Year.  Hope you get lots of action over the bank holiday and go back to work in a happy mood; remember that we’re here for you when you’ve finished and don’t forget to call the girls on the webshow, they miss you all when you vanish at Christmas!


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