Originally Posted: Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011

There really is nothing like a webcam girl to put the spring into Springtime is there?  We’ve been featuring a lot of the cam girls lately because we fucking love them so much, and we know how much you do to.  Most of the sex cam babes you see on this blog will feature on babe channels like Babenation, Studio 66, Xpanded or Red Light Central similar webcam services because we believe in being able to do all of the following when it comes to webcam sex as well as like pervcam too.

  • Pay via phone
  • Talk to the girl on the phone and watch her on live sex cam while you knock one out
  • Let her see you too if you like, and if you have a camera (obviously)
  • See more sexy girls in free video or by joining the Babestation VIP members area for XXX content which updates every day.

Believe it or not, not all webcam services have these facilities.  You can often hear the girls and watch the girls perform, but you can’t always have phone sex with them too; this sort of service is reserved for shows like our very own webshow.  However, even on our webshow you can’t show the girls what you look like as you jerk your length in front of them, and there really is nothing like getting the webcam girl really hot when you’re knocking one out.  They all fucking love to see you stroking your cocks to their moves guys!

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Sexy Bella

The gal we have for you today is called Sexy Bella and she is one of the newest UK cam girls to appear.  She is very hot mind you and after a nice long ”conversation” with her on webcam, we’ve come up with the following details for you:

  • Looks.  bellaShe has a classically ordinary look this one, but she is no ordinary girl.  When you see her on cam you’ll see that when she gets her kit off she has a body to die for.  Her tits are near perfect and when you get her to jump up and down (which is a favourite of mine I confess) you’ll see just how great they look.  If you haven’t got a stiffy at this point by the way then you better just hang up the phone and make an appointment with the doctor about your old chap!  The rest of her body is fucking awesome.  Her pussy is sweet and shaven and her asshole is tight yet flexible enough to let some real big things in there!  What a doll!
  • Action.  Well, I’ve already mentioned her arse hole, so while we’re on the subject, I gotbella her to shove her dildo up there and was very pleased with the response I got.  Bella didn’t hesitate in the least, she just lubed up and shoved it in like it was nothing; however, the noises that she made while she did it were fantastic and nearly had me shooting well before my time.  This babe is real dirty and will do pretty much anything you ask her to.
  • bellaAudio and Visual Quality.  The sound is pretty damn good on this cam and there isn’t any of that dreadfully shit, loud music that you get on some of the foreign cams out there.  The lighting sometimes needs a little attention when you go live with this babe, but that us usually down to her just needing to open the curtains; ask her.  That’s the thing a lot of guys don’t tend to think about when it comes to experiencing difficulties on webcams, if they were to just ask the cam host to sort it out they probably would.


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