This blog post takes us back to June 2012, where we get to explore the work of a Sexstation producer. In this compilation of Marc’s vintage blog entries, we gain a unique insight into the producer’s perspective and the content produced for Sexstation and Babestation Xtreme.

Tanya Cox

tanya cox threesome babestation xtreme

The extreme heat has caused a unique situation in the studio, as clothing has become optional due to the high temperatures. This has led to some challenges in maintaining a productive work environment. However, the recent arrival of Tanya Cox, who arrived in a sexually charged state, has added to the chaos. Tanya’s eagerness to engage in sexual activity with anyone available, combined with the fact that she was the only one dressed, led to an unexpected encounter between her, Marc Rose, and Jack Mason. Although Tanya was scheduled to perform with only one partner for a live show on Sexstation tv, her powerful pheromones proved too overwhelming for Marc and Jack, who were fresh out of a storage space. The situation was only salvaged by quickly setting up the camera to capture the unexpected turn of events.

Danielle Cole & Freddy Flavor


I was surprised by the arrival of Danielle Cole, she is very seductive. Despite my professionalism, it was challenging to maintain a professional demeanor when presented with such a fantastic wet ass. I was equipped with the appropriate camera lens for the job. The “dirty shower” is a term we use as it is not typically used for cleaning, rather for filming. Danielle entered the office, and I had to decide who would be working with her. I found Freddy Flavor in a storage closet, ready to work. We quickly cleaned him up and introduced him to Danielle. Freddy performed well, a true professional. We should make sure to clean the storage closet soon.


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