Marc’s old blog posts offer a rare BTS glimpse into the world of Sexstation, the live sex show that was known for its explicit content. In this blog from February 2012, Marc provides a firsthand account of the channel’s focus on hardcore boy-girl scenes and live girl-on-girl action featuring the hottest talent in the British porn industry. By sharing direct quotes from the producer’s blog, this article aims to capture Marc’s unique voice and perspective, giving readers an opportunity to learn more about the life of a Sexstation producer.

Kerry Louise and Jess West

Kerry Louise fucks jess west with a dildo

Both girls in the scene, Kerry and Jess, gave exceptionally strong performances, with Jess holding her own despite being relatively new to the industry. Jess proved herself by taking everything Kerry threw at her and coming back for more. I decided to film the scene in a different style, using closer and tighter shots to create a more intense and “in-your-face” experience. This required me to get closer to the pussy licking and fingering action, but I was very pleased with the final result. Overall, it was one of the hottest scenes I have shot in a long time, with both girls becoming completely lost in their performance.

Amanda and Megan Coxx

Amanda Rendall, a porn star well-regarded for her commitment to her work, was approached by Megan with concerns about their upcoming collaboration. Megan had requested that Amanda take it easy on her, but Amanda seemed uninterested in holding back. I suggested a more gradual approach, but Amanda responded with determination, stating that she planned to “fuck that bitch into next week” in her distinctive Scottish accent. Despite my previous experiences with Amanda’s intense approach and my attempts to encourage a more measured pace, I took solace in the fact that she at least wore a flattering outfit for the shoot. All ended well and both Megan and Amanda had a very enjoyable shoot. 


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