Marc’s old blog posts provide an insider’s view of the explicit content that was offered by Sexstation back in the day. He highlights the channel’s focus on hardcore boy-girl scenes, solo performances and live girl-on-girl action. By using direct quotes from the producer’s blog, this article aims to capture Marc’s unique voice and perspective. This blog offers readers a unique opportunity to learn more about the life of a Sexstation producer and the explicit content offered by the platform. By using quotes from the producer’s blog and providing context, the article aims to offer an informative perspective on the world of adult entertainment.

Uh Oh…..

A pleasant aspect of this job is the unexpected surprises that arise, such as when a performer spunks earlier than expected during a scene, and a montage of past experiences runs through your mind because you’re only halfway through the scene. Then, he says he’ll be ready again soon, and to your surprise, he becomes erect once more (and I can confirm that this is indeed a rare occurrence). The only performer I’ve worked with who could consistently achieve this was a Czech porn stud named Jerry, and filming him with Jennifer Keelings was a delightful experience.

Yes, I appreciate surprises, as long as they don’t involve any health scares. So, when our cleaner contacted me and said, “Hey, I’ve got Heavenly for a scene,” I was taken aback because I was under the impression that she was exclusive to another company. However, I was assured that she was eager and prepared for the scene. Along with the lovely Valerie, they both received a thorough scene, and as the picture taken by my friend Sam shows, Heavenly lived up to her name. 

Kerry Louise, Dani O’Neal and Emily B

lesbian action scene with emily b, dani o'neal and kerry louise

In a previous blog post, I discussed Jess West and Megan Coxx, who are newcomers in the adult entertainment industry. On the other hand, there are performers like Dani O Neil, Kerry Louise, and Emily B, who have been in the industry for a while and have developed their unique on-screen personas. As a porn director, one of the most challenging tasks is working with inexperienced performers. When giving instructions, such as “let’s do a spitroast here, guys,” and receiving a response like “can we finish this because I’m not very hungry,” it can lead to unintentional humor. However, when working with experienced performers like Dani, Kerry, and Emily, the process is much smoother. Their confidence and lack of self-consciousness result in a passionate and energetic scene.

We had initially planned to include a male performer in this Jacuzzi scene, but unfortunately, he canceled last minute. Nonetheless, these three performers were eager for action, so I encourage you to watch the scene and see for yourself.


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