In this edition of “Inside the Life of a Sexstation Producer,” we’re taking a jaunt back to December 2011 and exploring photographer Marc’s appreciation for his work at Sexstation. Known for its explicit content, Sexstation primarily featured hardcore boy-girl blowjob action and live lesbian performances. Boasting a lineup of popular babes such as Rio Lee, Angel Long, and Michelle Thorne, Sexstation was a dominant source of UK porn content for several years and much of it’s nostalgic content can still be found nestled in the VIP members area for this wishing to go searching for buried treasure.

Amanda Rendall and Angel Long

During a recent television viewing, I found myself engrossed in a nature program that highlighted various animal behaviours, including the surprising revelation that the Tasmanian Devil possesses one of the most intense mammalian mating rituals on the planet. The female devil is known to viciously attack the male during courtship to ensure his strength and ability to inseminate her. While this may be an extraordinary phenomenon, I would argue that the Tasmanian Devil is not unique in this aspect. For instance, I would be curious to see how many men could withstand the intensity of a mating session with adult film stars Angel Long and Amanda Rendell, both of whom are renowned for their aggressive and passionate performances. The level of stamina and endurance required to satisfy these two women would be a true test of any man’s abilities. 

amanda rendall fucking angel long with a dildo

Angel Long, a seasoned veteran in the industry, is known for her fiery and intense scenes, while Amanda Rendell has made a name for herself with her ability to take and give out a serious pounding. Her skills in pussy eating, fingering and scissoring are unmatched, making her a force to be reckoned with. In comparison, the Tasmanian Devil’s mating ritual seems tame when you compare it to the intense and passionate encounters that these two women bring to the table.

Cage Rage

I personally enjoy watching a good fight, comfortably seated with a beer and some Doritos, while keeping my phone on silent. Therefore, I was excited when Dani O’neal, the First Lady of Babestation, proposed a ‘four-way’ in a real cage fighting ring. I left the task of gathering the talent to Dani, and she did not disappoint by bringing in the talented Rio Lee, a recent addition to boy/girl porn. The location was a kickboxing gym and cage fighting championship facility in North London. The atmosphere was electric with real fighters training in adjacent cages. They found the whole scene to be a real “eye opener” and were drawn to watch the action. At one point, I thought they might even join in!

dani o'neal, kerry louise, rio lee and angel long

The girls, Dani and Kerry Louise, took their roles very seriously, and Rio and Emily were eager to escape. However, I kept the cameras rolling. Dani has expressed interest in shooting another scene with “two fucking great black guys with masks on that I bring in on Dog Leads and they fuck the shit out of the girls.” While it may be unconventional, Dani is the boss, and if that’s what she wants, then that’s what we’ll do. 


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