In this week’s edition of “A Look Inside the Life of a Sexstation Producer,” we delve into the archives and travel back to November 2011. In his blog, photographer Marc expresses his gratitude for holding what he considers to be the most enviable position possible. As a Sexstation producer, Marc takes pride in showcasing the explicit side of the babeshow scene. The platform predominantly features hardcore boy-girl content, solo performances, and live girl-on-girl action. This blog draws on Marc’s vintage blog entries from November 2011, offering a glimpse into the producer’s perspective and the content offered by Sexstation.

Michelle Moist and Tanya Tate

In today’s diary entry, I had the pleasure of filming a scene with the renowned pornstar, Tanya Tate, who has now become a prominent figure in the US adult entertainment industry. Eager to begin, Tanya expressed her excitement to collaborate with her long-time friend, Michelle Moist, also known as the “Moist One.” It was clear that Tanya has developed a deep passion for her work during her time in the U.S, as she was eager to get cracking before I had a chance to set up my equipment. Specifically, she couldn’t wait to lick Michelle’s wet pussy, who seemed to enjoy the attention.

sexstation Michelle Moist getting her ass licked by Tanya Tate

Their chemistry was undeniable, and Michelle soon returned the favor with a glass dildo, eliciting even more enthusiasm from Tanya. The scene was authentic, with no signs of acting or fake noises, and the two continued long after I had finished filming. Overall, it was a pleasure working with Tanya and Michelle, and I look forward to our next collaboration. I highly recommend checking out the final product.

Dani O’Neal & Emily B

I’ve often reflected on the nature of life and its many peculiarities, especially considering my career in the adult film industry. Throughout my experiences, I’ve had the pleasure of working with a multitude of talented and attractive performers. Among them, one individual stands out – the remarkable Dani O’Neil. Dani’s unique approach to filming sets her apart. She’s not just a performer; she’s a true professional who understands the art of filmmaking. When working with Dani, I find myself merely needing to position the camera and let her take control. As she often tells me, “Just shut the fuck up.”

sexstation dani o'neal and emily b lesbian

Dani knows exactly what she wants on set and is always eager to provide constructive guidance. Her attention to detail and commitment to her craft are truly unparalleled. Recently, we had the pleasure of working with the lovely Emily B on a shoot at Portland House’s jacuzzi. Initially, Emily was a bit shy and intimidated by Dani’s presence. However, with a few words of wisdom from Dani, Emily quickly embraced her role.

Dani’s guidance was invaluable, as she coached both Emily and me. “Stay down there and keep quiet,” she instructed me. “And please, no odd breathing sounds when I’m being fucked. It’s distracting.” Turning to Emily, Dani offered further advice. “Hold it like this, you silly thing. Don’t twist it, and when I’m ready to climax, pull it out.” Indeed, life has a peculiar sense of humour. But I’m grateful for the opportunity to work with such a dedicated and talented professional as Dani O’Neil.


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