Originally Posted: November 23rd 2010

Just when you thought you never got anyone particularly special on these webcams you realise that you can actually get real, 100% UK porn stars talking to you down the phone while you watch them on the screen.  Not only do you get access to these lovelies, they’ll also do just what you want them to, when you want them to do it!  You can’t get much better than that can you.

Not only do you get the porno stars on this webcam service, you also get quite a few of the Sexstation and Babestation girls online too; not to mention the babes you get on the Sexstationtv webshow!

But now we’ve got Sydney for you, and for those of you who know her already you won’t need to read on much further, just know that you should seriously consider going to check out her sexcam show, it’s every bit as good as the other stuff you’ve seen her in.

  • Looks.  Sydney is the blonde UK babe that makes all the other blonde babes around her look small and insignificant; well, certainly when it comes to their boobs.  This is one area of Sydney that cannot possibly be ignored.  This babe has a set of knockers that would have made Barbara Windsor cry in her heyday!  Really all you need to do is check out the pictures i’ve attached to this blog post, but you can also check out her FREE live profile page on the sexcam service too, just in case i missed anything.  Her smile is something else too, and if you can take your eyes off those massive, milky white tits for a moment, you’ll see just how genuinely beautiful Sydney is.
  • Action.  She knows nothing but action, and i’m not just saying that because i’ve chatted to her and blown my load a couple of times!  I am here to review the cam babes and i can tell you that every time i’ve been on her chat she has done exactly what i want.  I’m not a difficult guy to please so i can’t be too sure if she’ll do any weird shit, but i know that she has toys and she likes to get her kit off nice a quick with no fucking about; we all know that this is an important quality don’t we?
  • Audio and visual quality.  There is nothing more exciting than getting a webcam sex babe that knows how important it is to have decent equipment.  Sydney has all the right gear, including headset mic and excellent cams.  She cam zoom in and out for you without a problem and will do so happily.  She usually does her show in a reasonably well lit room so you can see her perfectly clear too.

Overall Sydney is worth spending a little time with simply because she’s as hot as fuck!  When you see her big tits shaking around on the screen you’ll return to her time and time again.  Check out her free live profile now.


  1. […] Sydney JJ‘s name says it all really she made her first adult scenes were in late 2005 with Porn School Swingers shot by Di Santo.  She has modeled under the names Sydney Jay, Cydney JJ and Sidney. Sydney started out in the Babeshows on Blue Kiss one of the Sexstations shows. Babeshow  fans went crazy for her great tits as well doing full on hardcore porn. […]


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