In this week’s edition of “A Glimpse into the Life of a Sexstation Producer,” we delve into the archives of 2011, where photographer Marc proudly acknowledges that he holds the most enviable position imaginable. Kudos to you for the reminder, Marc. Sexstation specialised in showcasing the explicit side of the babeshow scene, predominantly highlighting hardcore boy-girl content, solo performances and live girl-on-girl action like the scene from Babestation Michelle Thorne and Babestation Ashleigh Embers. These insights were taken from the vintage entries of the producer’s blog, first published in July 2011.

Michelle Thorne and Ashleigh Embers 

Michelle Thorne BDSM shoot with Ashleigh Embers

I’m certain that by this point, Michelle Thorne needs no introduction. I’m sure you’re well acquainted with her – the busty blonde bombshell with big tits, and an eager mouth fulfilling men’s fantasies on BSXtreme, right? Of course, you are. However, you might not be as acquainted with her counterpart in this latest scene, Miss Ashleigh Embers. After receiving numerous requests for a serious domination shoot, Michelle eagerly volunteered to take part. Dirty bitch! Thorny couldn’t wait to be bound and gagged, surrendering herself to the irresistible Miss Embers’ mercy. Michelle loves a bit of dom/sub roleplay. I’m pretty sure the viewers enjoyed it too…

Reede Fox and Delta White

Delta and Reede lesbian dildo Xtreme shot

These girls had such an intense encounter during their last lesbian scene that they eagerly requested another girl on girl session. I was delighted to comply, considering their undeniable sexiness. They themselves came up with the enticing dungeon fetish theme, which perfectly complemented their tattoos, big tits and smoldering gaze. This time, they pushed the boundaries even further, so don’t be surprised if you see another Delta/Reede shoot soon.


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