Take a look at the smoking hot PAWG that is Paige Turnah, renowned for her big sexy ass and natural beauty. Paige’s iconic derriere is often referred to as her “money maker” owing to the fact that she has made a fortune from her booty.  This hardcore British porn star was a legend on Sexstation back in the day and her videos and pics still rake in sizable views .

There was a notion to introduce a softcore cooking segment on Babestation many moons ago, incorporating a dash of tits and ass, so to speak. However, the plan overlooked the fact that Freddie the Babestation Xtreme porn star doesn’t do softcore so that idea was swiftly scrapped. On one particularly hot, sticky day in 2012, Freddie caught a glimpse of Paige Turnah in the kitchen as she was having a few pictures taken by the Babestation photographer.

Paige Turnah legs spread on the sofa with her tits out

As soon as Freddie caught a whiff of Paige Turnah in the kitchen he burst forth from next room, shedding his clothes like a modern day l Hyde character from Stevenson’s very famous and often told tale, and turned into the sex beast we’ve come to know and love. The producer recording the action didn’t think Paige expected such enthusiasm but when she saw Freddie charging towards her she looked a little shocked to say the least! Paige couldn’t contain her excitement when she saw his cock coming towards like an uncontrollable serpent, and as Paige is known as a champion snake charmer, she managed to calm his dick by sliding it deep inside her dripping wet pussy. She loves cock!

Paige Turnah Babestation PAWG spreads ass and pussy while fucking Freddie

The producer would like to say it was over quickly, simply because the plan was to film a cookery show, but as it always is with Freddie, it turned into a marathon sex session. The producer has quite banked on Freddie pulling out every position in the book.


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