Nicolle Knight as to be one of the most ambitious young women I’ve met in a long time.  Her dream is to work in porn, and I’ve made it my mission to help her reach her realise her aspirations.  It’s a good job I’m a professional otherwise I could advance her career in more ways than one, if you know what I mean!

Nicolle Knight in black lingerie

I like the Babestation apprentice girls when they come my way, they’re always so pliable.  Most of the girls I shoot are good, but as they get into their career they do begin to have a particular way they like to be shot, and sometimes the poses etc can be quite the same.  However, when you get new talent like this, you can manipulate them into whatever you had in mind.  If there’s one thing I know its porn, and I know people want to see something new and something different; I try to give them that, but it’s not always easy!

The black sexy undies against her lovely skin tone is what I loved the best out of this shoot; that and the fact that she’s fucking gorgeous of course.  It took me all my time to keep Freddie and Marc from jumping on her the first chance they got.  It’s all well and good this wanting to “I want to be in porn” claim but I don’t think she’s quite realised that Freddie and Marc are actually close to being animals and they would really go to town on her if I let them out the cupboard for more than a couple of minutes.  Freddie is particularly close to the missing link if you ask me!

Nicolle Knight ass and pussy, doggystyle

Anyway, whilst that sturdy broom handle held firm across the cupboard doors I snapped away happily in my own world imagining where I could use this Nicolle Knight and what sort of an impact she’d have on the Babestation Extreme crowd.   Such a beautiful face when she’s posing for the camera, but when you catch her from behind, just over her shoulder, giving us a nice pussy shot, you can see that she has some very slutty – I’m being fucked – expressions that simply can’t go to waste.

Look out for more of Nicolle Knight in the near future, I can see that this one has a great career ahead of her!



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