Well, it’s not exactly literary.  Not if you ask me!

Jasmine Jae…Well what can we say about her that doesn’t leap out of the pictures?

Well I’ll tell you the story.  You might be wondering why Marc Rose is reading a book and wanking off frantically.  It was in fact a stipulation from the gorgeous Jasmine.  You see, she’s into all that Fifty Shades of Shit and she insisted that Marc had a crash course in erotic fiction so that he could fuck her in the way in which she’s been accustomed to (as if he would have a problem for Christ sake!)

marc rose wanks over an erotic novel

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The problem I find with erotic fiction is that it’s no fucking where near the animalistic act of fucking.  That’s right, I said fucking, not love making, not penetrating her, or not as D. H. Lawrence would have it “to enter the peace on earth of her soft, quiescent body”.  If it was written a little more believable and with the common phrases like “cock” and “pussy” and all the rest, fisting, latex fetish and ballooning too, we’d be jerking off to it all day long.  Even as a pornographer and a producer I’m aware of the brain as an active erogenous zone; but let’s keep it real alright?

Jasmine Jae licks tip of Marc Rose's dick

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But clearly Marc could warm to the female sensibility, judging by his enormous erection.  Fuck knows what he’s reading – I try to avoid that shit like the plague – but it’s clearly doing the trick.  And I thought to myself that perhaps I should re-evaluate my position on erotic fiction if it rocks the boat of the lovely Jasmine Jae and it gets Marc harder than a bouncer on the door of Newcastle’s roughest club.

Jasmine Jae rides a dick

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Anywhoo, it works, and Jasmine Jae is sure to be a regular feature around the studio.  I suppose I should go online and buy all those books now!  How about a few guys writing the fiction for a change, that would make a refreshing change…we have a particular way of telling it like it is!


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