First published on February 25th 2011, this blog by resident video producer and photographer, ‘Mr BSX‘ gives you a first hand look into the eXXXciting world of shooting porn for the Babestation Xtreme babeshows and pay-per-view content for all Babestation VIP members. Featuring babe channels royalty Dani O’Neal and British pornstar Caprice Jane.

Who’s The Boss Then?

Another exciting day, channel 4 came over to shoot a doco on our fragrant Dani O Neil during the filming of her ‘Who’s the Boss’ series…being the shy and retiring wallflower that our Dani is she tried to keep her naughty self in check but little Caprice proved a little too hot for her as you can see from these pictures, it was Caprice’s first girl/girl scene and who better to put her thru some hoops then the lovely Dani, Caprice was eager to impress our resident Dutchess, Caprice had spoken with us earlier that day and asked us if we thought Dani would like her…’just open wide and say aahhh’ and don’t worry If Dani doesn’t say much…she never talks with her mouth full…



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