Originally Posted: Friday, March 11th, 2011

Leah JayeLeah Jaye Website Review

It’s UK porn star time again folks, and to celebrate we have a very special girl on today.  Leah Jaye is an award winning porn actress and hot in every way.

Who is Leah Jaye?

For you die hard Sexstation fans you’ll probably remember Leah Jaye best of all from her appearances on our show and obviously her adult movie appearances.  However, these days she’s on Babestation late at night getting her boobies out for the cameras and all you lucky callers.  You might think that it’s a little tame for a girl of Leah’s level, and to be honest we agree with you, which is why we bring you the news that she has her own website where you can see her getting as dirty as she likes; she can get away with all the hardcore stuff you would normally see on pervcam!

So what’s the content like?

The content on this site is really fucking good folks.  When you become a member (which I’m sure you will after you take her tour) you’ll see for yourself just how hardcore this Leah Jaye gets.  She behaves like a caged beast when you see her in her own little movies onsite; some UK porn stars need to be doing it all the time and Babestation Cams just doesn’t satisfy her!

  • Pictures.  The pictures of Leah Jaye are all fabulous quality and they’re all fully downloadable and ready for you to view at anytime; (You can also find her pics and video in the Babestation VIP members area!) you literally own the picture sets when you become a member (if you download them that is), so technically you only have to buy a month of membership if you like.  However, if you only get a month and download as much as you can (and there is a lot) you must also remember that you won’t get the updates each week.  The content of the pictures is, as I have already said, very hardcore, but there is something else you should know.  When you get a membership on this site it’s like getting a membership on a load of others too, simply because of all the other babes that feature alongside her.  As you can see from the samples I’ve provided here, you’ll get to see the likes of Dani O’Neal, Rio Lee, and a whole host of other babes performing and getting off with Leah Jaye.
  • Videos.  This is where she’s in her element.  Leah Jaye will always be more comfortable in front of a camera when she’s playing with her pussy or having someone else do it for her!  When you see the beautiful girl with the perfect tits from Babestation actually probing Dani O’Neal then you’re going to wonder if it’s the same girl.  Like the pictures, the vids are all fully downloadable and they’re also HD quality.
  • Blog.  Because the site is relatively new there isn’t a lot of content on the blog at all; in fact Leah, what are you playing at, you should get your damn fine arse on there and write something interesting; we’re your fans babe!

Is the website updated regularly?

This website is updated at least twice a week – one video and one set of pictures.  The updates are excellent and always full of lots of imagination.  Leah loves to hear from her fans and uses many of their ideas for her website.  The best way to get her is to go through the blog by leaving a comment for her to read or perhaps follow her on Twitter.

How much is it?

The beauty of this site is that it has moved into a new direction when it comes to billing, and now you can pay not only via credit card etc, you can also pay through your mobile phone!  Don’t ask me how it works because I haven’t got a clue; I would imagine that it’s something to do with SMS.  The price of the site is as follows:

  • £22.46 for 30 days recurring billing option
  • £44.91 for 60 days non recurring billing option
  • £67.37 for 120 days trial offer, then £44.91 every 60 days recurring.

Overall 9/10

There is loads to go at on this site and I have to say that it’s kept me busy for a long time.  If it wasn’t for this curse where I have to review adult sites all the time I’d spend a longer time on Leah Jaye’s site; some of us have it very tough indeed don’t we?


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